08.12.16 GEZE UK Maintains its Support for Architectural Awards

GEZE UK is holding the door wide open for talented architects to take their place in the spotlight by sponsoring an award at the BD A

07.12.16 Climate Control is a Breath of Fresh Air

Creating the ideal indoor climate – for offices, schools, hospitals or gyms – can be a difficult task. One person’s ideal temperature

24.11.16 Say Hello Wave Goodbye

Two new faces have joined the sales team at GEZE UK while an industry stalwart bows out.

Bentley & Lamborghini
Customers to a luxury car dealership in Birmingham will be able to reflect on the best of its brands with the installation of a glazed manual sliding wall defining the Bentley and Lamborghini areas of its showroom.
Ahead of the Curve
Manchester’s stunning new elliptical library walk link was designed to connect two of the city’s historic buildings – needing doors to allow people to enter and exit with ease, and reflect the dramatic glass architecture.
MSW with SmartGuide
GEZE’s Manual Sliding Wall (MSW) with SmartGuide technology allows the leaves to glide easily around corners and stored from sight when not in use, making it ideal for creating large open spaces.
Right on Target
A Scottish glazing manufacturer proved to be in a league of its own winning our UEFA EURO 2016 prize draw competition to win a GEZE football table.