GEZE UK sponsors Close The Door retail campaign

The Close The Door campaign has named GEZE UK as the exclusive sponsor representing the automatic door industry.

The nationwide campaign aims to persuade retailers to save energy and create a better environment for staff and shoppers by reversing their open door policies.

GEZE is the only door control company to support the campaign, which was launched following a winter walk by founder Jeannie Dawkins, who became concerned after seeing how hot air from the open shop doorways was melting the ice on the street.

Research by Cambridge University commissioned by the campaign demonstrates that closing a shop door while using heating halved energy use and cut a shop's annual CO2 emissions by up to 10 tonnes. Further research by Imperial College and Kings College London showed that closing a door reduces airborne pollution in shops by around one third.

"We are delighted to be supporting the Close The Door campaign," said Kaz Spiewakowski, managing director at GEZE UK, "it's premise is very simple, but the results can make a huge difference to the environment, staff and customers and of course, a retailers' energy spend.

"Sustainability is a big issue to our customers and we spend a lot of time designing energy efficient solutions such as lobbies, but this is wasted if doors are then propped open allowing heated or cooled air to escape. We are encouraging architects and specifiers to use automatic doors as part of their retail designs. Unidirectional radar sensors can be used to ensure automatic doors only open when a user approaches, closing again when they depart, reducing 'hold open' time by 40 per cent - and of course, automatic doors also enable accessibility."

To date more than 500 shops have signed up to the campaign from major high street names such as Marks and Spencer and Boots to independent retailers.

Jeannie Dawkins said: "The aim of the business friendly Close the Door initiative is to make it common practice to close the shop door when using energy to heat or cool the store, or when air pollution levels are raised on the street outside. Despite the many shops that do this, tens of thousands still do not comply. I greatly welcome GEZE's support and input for the campaign.

"Ahead of the coming winter the National Grid has declared a mere 1.5% spare capacity, barely enough to cover a mild to medium season. Energy has fast become precious and we cannot afford to waste it by blowing it out of thousands of open shop doors in the form of heat.

"Air pollution, largely from diesel vehicles, is a major health problem across all UK towns and cities. Closing the door creates a one third drop in air pollution in store. Keeping the door to the street closed is a simple way to prevent energy waste and air pollution and has great benefits for retailers, staff and the community they serve. There is no downside. It is vital to ethical trading.