Making Events a Breeze

A busy year of event attendance has been a breeze for GEZE UK which has been spearheading its expertise in natural ventilation and climate control at shows for architects, specifiers and developers.

GEZE UK is the only company to offer both door and window automation and has been able to demonstrate how its products can be used to transform developments into ‘Smart Buildings’ which are more economical for owners and more functional for occupiers over the building lifecycle.

At the Smart Buildings Show at the London Barbican, in November, the company’s exhibition stand was all wired up to demonstrate the three-tiered integration of products, control and management.

They use BACnet or KNX operating frameworks to manage automatic door systems, window technology, smoke and heat extraction systems as well as safety technology to enable functionality such as opening positions, timed ventilation, automatic opening and closing and more which can be controlled internally or from a mobile end device.

‘Breathing Easier with Smart Technology’ was also the theme of a presentation at UK Construction Week given by Spencer Allen, GEZE UK’s National Sales Manager for Window Technology Systems.

He outlined how the application of natural ventilation could add meaningful value to real estate assets, generate savings in personnel costs, and enhance the human experience, health and wellbeing within workplaces and public buildings by improving air quality.

ecoSHOWCASE in Leeds, Southampton and Wembley and Specifi in Glasgow and London also helped in promoting intelligent building networks and smart buildings.

At Revo, in Liverpool, particular focus was given to the retail environment where the pros and cons of out of town developments versus traditional city centre shops was put under the microscope.

Again, natural ventilation was highlighted as an opportunity that could be incorporated into new developments as well as the renovation of existing buildings.

Said Karen Sum, GEZE UK’s global account manager: "Revo was a new event for us and presented the ideal opportunity to meet with developers and landowners and discuss how natural ventilation products could be used to enhance buildings and provide better working and shopping environments."