GEZE Umweltpolitik

GEZE environmental policy

The conservation of the natural environment and the preservation of the bases of existence for future generations is part of our social responsibility. This unconditional focus on the future commits us to act sustainably in all our activities.

The strong growth of our company continually presents us with new challenges in terms of the protection of the environment. We strive to continuously improve the ecology of our products and production facilities and to use natural resources sparingly. We ensure this constant optimisation through procedures for the assessment of our environmental performance and the associated environmental indicators. The avoidance of environmental pollution is taken into consideration here not only in the development of new products, but in all environment-related activities.

From product development and production to sales, we work according to the latest environmental and economic standards. Thus, we fulfil the relevant legal obligations with regard to the environmental criteria, within our business activities.

GEZE UK Environment Policy Statement

ISO 14001: 2004