Planned Maintenance PPM

Planned preventative maintenance ensures both the operational performance and safety of your automatic and manual doors. In addition servicing will maintain accessibility ensuring visitors, customers and staff can always access the building and that the elderly, disabled or young are not prevented from using the facilities.

An automatic door is a piece of machinery and just like any other machinery it needs to be checked and maintained. Ensuring that manual and automatic doors are safe in operation helps prevent potential injury to users and so reduce the possibility of litigation for negligence.

Over its lifetime a regularly serviced automatic door costs less to maintain than using urgent reactive call outs and ensures reliability, optimum performance and can extend its life expectancy.

We work closely with our clients to offer a competitive, tailor-made maintenance package and in accordance with BS 7036 we recommend at least two service visits each year.

GEZE have introduced iContactâ„¢ a wireless telemetry device that uses GSM and GPRS technology to enable remote monitoring and control of a door system. This enables us to provide an immediate response should operational issues occur.