Radio Transmitter

GEZE Radio transmitter

Wireless control with system – reliable, convenient and secure at the touch of a button

Radio-operated remote controls for a wide range of applications in our daily life bring added convenience. The elderly, disabled or physically weaker people can be afforded better quality of life, and they make work easier for care staff. They are increasingly becoming standard fittings for barrier-free and age-appropriate living.
The wireless control of doors and windows using the GEZE radio programme makes connection to a power supply superfluous.

Thanks to the tiny dimensions of the radio modules, they can easily be integrated in the drive or an in-wall casing and can also be clipped directly into the elbow switch and mounted wirelessly on glass.

We offer the GEZE Radio transmitter for wireless control of doors and windows as a multi channel solution. Each additional channel can be used with the click of a button to activate an additional electrical device. For more Information, please click on the Product brochure GEZE actuation devices and sensor systems.

GEZE radio transmitter

1 channel

GEZE radio transmitter

2 channel

GEZE radio transmitter

4 channel

GEZE WTM transmitting module