System solution for 2-leaf doors

NEW: With integrated free swing door closer GEZE BOXER EFS with comfort hold-open function and adjustable closing force EN 4-6

System solution for 2-leaf doors with integrated closing sequence control. A free swing function can be realised on the active leaf for 2-leaf doors thanks to the new Boxer EFS 4-6.

The system solution Boxer ISM-EFS for double-leaf doors provides, on the active leaf, the perfect combination of the new, integrated comfort hold-open function, which makes it possible to stop the door at the end of the free swing area, and the tried-and-tested GEZE "free swing" function, thanks to the use of the new GEZE Boxer EFS 4-6.

Locking the comfort hold-open function prevents unintentional closing, for example in the event of a draught, at the maximum opening angle. This has no effect whatsoever on the fire protection function – when this is triggered the door always closes safely, even when the hold-open function is engaged.

Furthermore, the "free swing" function enables people to go through the door with only a slight physical effort, in the opening or closing direction, once the door has been opened once, e.g. in the morning. This makes it ideal, for example, for use in retirement homes or hospitals.

The GEZE Boxer 2-4 or 3-6 is used on the passive leaf – depending on the door leaf width. The integrated closing sequence control is realised by the GEZE Boxer ISM guide rail.

The GEZE Boxer ISM guide rail– for very small passive leaves

The Boxer ISM guide rail with asymmetrical division was designed specifically for double-leaf single-action doors with very small passive leaves. The asymmetric division of the Boxer ISM rail and the E-ISM version with an electromagnetic hold-open function allows the use of Boxer ISM technology on doors with a minimum passive leaf width of up to 420 mm. The full functionality of the closing sequence control is guaranteed – only the maximum opening angle of the passive leaf is a little smaller.

Product features

  • Combination with Boxer EN 2-4, EN 3-6 and free swing version Boxer EFS EN 4
  • GEZE offers the (E-)ISM guide rail in three versions:
    • the standard package
    • the shortened version for very small doors with hinge clearances from 1130 mm
    • as an asymmetrically divided rail for narrow passive leaves from 420 mm
    • Smallest hinge clearance 1230 mm