TS 500 NV Invers/EN3 Invers/ TS ER Invers

The Invers range of cam action door closers are the industry’s first range of closers that are suitable for transom mounting and are fully certificated to EN 1154.

The Invers range can only be supplied to GEZE UK certified partners.

This new range of transom closers provides the solution for double action doorsets, where the use of conventional floor closers is not possible due to floor slab depths or where penetrations into pre-stressed concrete floors are not permissible.

The Invers closers are concealed within the transom, with the spindle connecting neatly to the top strap mounted in the top of the door. This direct connection between closer and door leaf effectively replaces the guide rail or arms, which are features of conventional surface mounted or concealed closers. Aesthetically this is an improvement and in an anti-ligature environment, this installation significantly reduces risk.

Suitable for single and double action doors on leaf widths up to 150kg (TS 500 NV Invers) and up to 1100mm (TS 500 NV Invers) width.

Product detail pages:

  • Invers closers are bespoke products
  • Specially adapted components allow fitting in transom
  • Cam action
  • Closing force size 3 (TS 500 EN3 Invers) or adjustable size 1-4 (TS 500 NV Invers) EN 1154
  • Fixed back check
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Adjustable latching action (TS 500 NV)
  • Safety valve preventing deliberate overloading
  • Closing range from approx. 175°
  • For right and left hand interior single action and double action doors
  • For doors up to 950mm wide (TS 500 EN3 Invers) and 1100mm wide (TS 500 NV Invers) as EN 1154
  • For doors weight up to 100kg (TS 500 N EN 3) and 150kg (TS 500 NV Invers)
  • For the installation of a floor spring for a single-action door a special pivot lever and door rail with a pivot point of 36 mm is required.

Accessories Include:

  • Cover Plate
  • Top Centre
  • Bottom Straps

Finishes available:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Dark Bronze
  • Satin Brass