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Individual sliding doors systems and design freedom

Flexible and multi-faceted sliding door systems make ideal partitioning walls, for example, for conference facilities or for separating areas in an airport or a bank.

Product features:

  • Excellent running properties and almost silent operation thanks to the high-quality precise roller bearings
  • Minimal use of force required to manually slide the glass elements
  • Individual screen printed patterns
  • If the MSW shop front is kept closed, the salesroom can be entered through the door
    • Sliding double action door with floor spring door closer GEZE TS 550 NV
    • Sliding single action door with manual door closer GEZE TS 3000 V
    • Sliding single action door with manual door closer GEZE TS 3000 
    • Sliding single-action door with Boxer
    • Standard sliding swing door
    • Possible design heights:
      • Sliding and tilting casements as well as fixed casements with a height of up to 4000 mm
      • Sliding casement inactive leaf up to a height of 3500 mm
      • GEZE realises leaf heights exceeding this on an object-specific basis
    • Suitable for door leaf heights of up to 3500 mm and widths of up to 1500 mm
    • Maximum leaf weight of up to 150 kg (with dual roller)
    • Combination with double action, single action and swing doors as well as sliding doors

    GEZE MSW Classicline, Pureline and Protectline

    The door elements in the manual sliding wall are clamped in carrier and clamping profiles at the top and bottom along the whole element width. GEZE offers three design lines for these profiles:


    • Classicline: Profiles fit at a slight angle directly onto the glass and have a profile height of only 107 mm


    • Pureline: Profiles can easily be combined with existing systems and have a modern angular design

    •  Protectline: Profiles provide increased protection against glass damage e.g. by cleaning machines and are thus particularly suitable for airports and railway stations

    No glass drill holes are required for any of the carrier and clamping profiles. The covers can be clipped in place after fitting work has been completed. There are various different finishes and colour schemes available for perfect harmony with the building architecture.