RWA K 600

GEZE Fresh Air RWA K 600

Retractable arm drive to open doors and windows

The retractable arm drive K 600 opens doors and windows as an air vent and for ventilation.  The RWA K 600 is the appropriate solution when large opening angles at doors and windows are required. The free surface-mounted installation allows the RWA K 600 to be combined with GEZE door closers and is therefore the ideal solution for air vents with a high access comfort.

The retractable arm drive for opening doors and windows as an air vent and for ventilation.

  • Doors:installation on hinge side or opposite to hinge side with free access or fixed connection
  • Inward or outward opening bottom, top and side hung windows opening; skylights

Performance features:

  • Solutions for large opening angles on doors and windows: With an opening angle of 93° at the drive and depending on the stop, the elements can open to an angle of 93°.
  • The retractable arm drive can be installed with a free surface mounted lever arm or with a fixed connection to the door or casement (lintel, frame or casement).
  • The combination of RWA K 600, motor lock IQ lock EL and door closer is the solution ‘from one source’ for air vents with underwriting catch
  • Microprocessor-controlled drive, available as solo and synchronic version with synchronic control unit; multi-operation without additional module
  • Electronically controlled smooth start-up and smooth disconnection of load
  • Integrated status contact that can be used for wiring of a door opener
  • Max. current consumption:>1.25 A, torque 215 Nm, tensile and compressive force:>max. 600 N
  • Dimensions (height x depth x length):
    • RWA K 600 G: 40mm x 120mm x 472mm
    • RWA K 600 T: 40mm x 98,5mm x 530mm
    • RWA K 600 F: 40mm x 86mm x 421mm