GEZE SHEVs (natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators) offer a high degree of flexibility when selecting tested and certified drives and profile systems

SHEV test and classification

The new building product ‘SHEV’ is the result of standard DIN EN 12101 Part 2 which applies to the entire European Economic Area. The SHEV is a naturally active smoke and heat extraction device. It is used to extract smoke and hot gasses from a building in the event of fire.

SHEV system

In accordance with DIN EN 12101 Part 2, SHEV consists of

  • a window with the associated component parts (profiles, seals, fittings)
  • infilling (e.g. glass, panels) and
  • the drive system with the associated component parts (drive, panels, fittings)

Using the SHEV
In accordance with DIN EN 12101 Part 2, a SHEV must always be used in Germany if a natural ‘smoke outlet’ is required by construction regulations. A ‘smoke outlet’ means a smoke removal system in the event of fire (heat smoke removal) as a result of which a stabile, low-smoke layer develops close to the ground which enables the safe use of emergency exits.

The following GEZE products have been tested for use in certified SHEVs in accordance with DIN EN 12101 Part 2:

Opening and locking systems


   Spindle drive    

RWA 100E

E 740

E 250 VdS

RWA 105E

E 820/ E 860

E 1500 S

RWA 110E

K 600

E 3000

Our drives with the aluminium profiles from renowned system companies – such as Schüco, Alcoa, Aluprof, Heroal, Wicona and M Sora – have been tested and certified as SHEV.

  • Our structure of distribution is provided with competent contacts in property and commercial-technical consulting and a widespread SHEV system partner programme
  • Our Europe-wide network of subsidiaries and distribution representatives ensure delivery of GEZE SHEVs even beyond Germany’s borders
  • We also offer additional support in the certification process and preparation of the necessary documents

Of course, GEZE SHEVs can also be used for the daily ventilation. Furthermore, all RWA drives can also be used for SHEVs.