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Enabling access at Doncaster’s Hub

Doncaster College’s multi-million pound Waterfront campus, The Hub, scores top marks for accessibility with more than 50 automatic doors throughout its facilities, supplied and serviced by GEZE UK.

From installing sliding entrances to supplying swing doors, the UK’s leading manufacturer of door and window control systems has supplied a wide variety of doors, giving students easy access to some of the best educational facilities in the country. With cutting edge technology at the heart of the building, the Hub is packed with special features, from interactive whiteboards and projectors in almost every classroom to high tech, low energy, secure door operators in every corridor.

The supersize project, jointly funded by the College, the Learning and Skills Council and Doncaster Council, took just under two years to build and GEZE UK’s team of experts worked seamlessly with more than 2500 builders and the contractors to ensure all entrances and doors were highly effective and aesthetically pleasing. Used each year by more than 1,000 staff and 20,000 students, the site’s accessibility has been positively rated by the award-winning disability organisation DisabledGo.

The main atrium, reception area and public seating areas within the Hub feature five sets of Slimdrive SL operators, electronic sliding door systems ideal for high traffic areas. At just 7cm high, the SL operator is extremely slim, complementing the surrounding glass curtain walling, which has a 5cm frame, and blending seamlessly into the façade.

Offering flexibility, reliability, functionality and safety, the Slimdrive SL has also been designed and tested to meet the requirements of all relevant standards and regulations, including Building Bulletin 93, Approved Documents B and M, as well as assisting with the vigorous demands of the DDA.

At the busy entrances to the food hall and learning resource centre, GEZE UK has installed TSA 160 automatic swing door operators. The heavy-duty operators are essential for these high footfall areas, which are accessible to all members of the public, and especially hectic at peak times during the day. Offering maximum convenience and safety, GEZE UK’s tried and tested TSA 160 helps save energy by ensuring the doors are shut efficiently, safely and securely.

At the food hall, the double door is fitted with industry leading infrared sensors, opening the door safely and automatically as people approach, helping ensure the installation conforms to BS 7036 (Safety at Powered Doors for Pedestrian Use). Monitoring both the full height and leading edge of the door, the fail-safe sensor is designed to prevent anyone from being trapped or injured. At the library, the single automatic doors feature a push pad for activation.

GEZE’s electro-hydraulic SD Servos have been specified throughout the college for internal corridor single swing doors, recommended for areas with medium traffic. The low energy operators provide safe, efficient, automatic access through secure magnetic doors, which require a keyswipe to open. The SD Servo guarantees the door closes securely after allowing access, enhancing security. 

Similar security has been built into the entrance to the Academy of Advanced Technology, also housed within the Hub. Using Slimdrive SL operators, the sliding doors are also controlled by swipe cards, limiting access to authorised students and staff.

As well as specifying and installing the cutting edge door operators, GEZE UK has also secured the annual service contract, which includes two visits per year to ensure all automatic operators and door systems operate efficiently, providing the Hub’s doors with a general MOT. Highly trained engineers are also on standby on an ongoing basis for reactive call outs to eliminate any problems should they occur.

John Hadley, The Hub’s facilities manager said:  “We’re delighted with the facilities at the Hub, which is an iconic development for the region. GEZE UK’s automatic doors throughout the complex are reliable, secure and are proving to be highly durable, withstanding all the demands of our energetic and lively student population. With our annual service contract, we can ensure safety standards are maintained going forward, which is peace of mind for me, and for our staff and students.“ 

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