Slimdrive EMD-F

Gothic challenge for GEZE UK

Rising to a very gothic challenge, the UK’s leading manufacturer of door and window control systems is making the Victorian-style entrance and internal gothic arched doors at Durham Town Hall accessible for all. 

To complement the traditional oak framed swing doors, GEZE UK has installed two EMD-F door drives at the entrance, providing virtually silent automated access. This premium electro-mechanical drive for hinged doors is part of GEZE UK’s Slimdrive range and has been fitted with sleek 7cm high operator casings in brass, ideally suited to retrofitting in historic buildings.

Within the Town Hall, the gothic stone archways made it impossible to install standard door drives, so GEZE UK chose its automatic under-floor operator, the TSA 160 UFO, with brass finished operator floor plates, to ensure invisible, durable, whisper-quiet access which allows for DDA compliance in accordance with BS8300. 

Durham City Project Manager Ian McGrath said: “With a listed building like this, good aesthetics, compact structure, quiet actuation and unobtrusive installation were essential elements of the specification and while their pricing was competitive, what clinched it was that GEZE offered the only complete solution to our needs.

 “We worked together to find the perfect answer, and GEZE UK were willing to adapt some proven technology to suit this demanding application. While the EMD-Fs were ideal for our main doors, the curved Gothic door heads inside the Town Hall ruled out most of the door closers on the market. GEZE’s recessed floor-mounted UFOs were utilised to solve the problem.”

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