GEZE UK goes to church

Answering the prayers of church-goers in Penrith, Cumbria, the UK’s leading manufacturer of door and window control systems, GEZE UK, is uniting 18th Century architecture with the latest door technology to make access easier for the congregation of St Andrews Church.

GEZE UK was approached to supply the historic church with an unobtrusive door solution that would improve access for visitors on the Cumbrian tourist trail and benefit local worshippers whilst maintaining the original style of the grand entrance.

Specifying its state-of-the-art TSA 160 under floor operators, GEZE UK was able to create an automated entrance that satisfied the requirements of the disability discrimination act (DDA) without compromising the stonework of the famous building.

For the first time in the UK, the minimalistic TSA 160 UFOs were finished using brass, to complement the elaborate design of the church interior and seamlessly merge with the existing architecture.

Perfect for this busy tourist hotspot, which witnesses frequent passing traffic, the tamper-proof TSA 160 UFOs are highly durable, easy to install and maintain and can easily operate door leaves of up to 120kg in weight - great for those heavy oak church doors! In the reflective atmosphere of an ancient church, its almost silent operation made it the ideal solution. 

GEZE UK’s sales and marketing director, Jules Quested-Williams said: “St Andrew’s Church is an incredible building that’s known to be one of the Lake District’s treasures, so it’s a huge  responsibility to bring its facilities and entrances right  up to date while retaining every detail of the traditional 18th century architecture.

“It’s very important that churches like this are accessible for everyone which is why the TSA 160 UFO is such a popular option. Not only is it one of our most advanced door technologies, but it also effortlessly combines performance, accessibility and aesthetics.”