TSA 325 NT
TSA 325 NT
TSA 325 NT

GEZE UK takes place in Scottish history archive

The UK’s leading manufacturer of door and window control systems, GEZE UK, is helping to bring Scottish history to the streets of Edinburgh, as the world-class National Museum of Scotland opens its striking new doors.

The £47 million project by Gareth Hoskins Architects (GHA) has transformed the original Victorian building into a 21st century visitor experience and GEZE UK was chosen to supply one of the most notable changes to the exterior of the building, the welcoming glass entrances at street level.

The transformed National Museum of Scotland, required a series of doors to provide sustainable, safe, functional and elegant entrances and exits, which also complemented the traditional stone surroundings.

Two of GEZE’s automatic TSA 325 NT revolving glass doors were chosen for the main public entrances, meeting demands for an aesthetic and sustainable solution. The 4-wing TSA 325 NT  provides a high degree of insulation against the elements and noise, saving energy and ensuring a pleasant and uniform climate inside the building.

With public safety and easy accessibility in mind, four mighty Powerdrive PL automatic sliding operators were also installed; powering two single leaf pass doors that facilitate access for the disabled, and two for fire safety.

In the event of a fire alarm, the internal design of the building will funnel people towards the doors, which will immediately open to allow maximum space for visitors and staff to exit quickly and safely. The Powerdrive PL is an economical and reliable operator for big, heavy door leaves and large opening widths, providing convenience and safety, which is ideal for public buildings.

GEZE UK’s operations director Simon Bowden said: “The National Museum of Scotland is a highly prestigious project, which is transforming the way the public can experience the country’s heritage. The welcoming entrance hall needed a series of state of the art automatic doors and the TSA 325 NT operators provide an elegant and sophisticated entrance that fit the traditional style of the original building. The Powerdrive PL was the ideal solution for automating the extra wide doors thereby ensuring access for all and life safety.”