Slimdrive EMD-F

GEZE has a ball at Banbury’s newest sports park

Banbury’s new Spiceball Leisure Centre is accessible for all, with a wide range of GEZE UK’s automatic and manual door controls installed throughout the complex.

A variety of manual and automatic controls were specified by Select AI’s Jim and Ian Butland, who visited the site throughout the duration of the build. By working closely with contractors Kier Moss, Select AI was able to specify the most cost-effective package to meet the tough demands of high footfall and accessibility without compromising on functionality or style.

Chris Lane, Senior Project Manager for Kier Moss said: “GEZE UK was able to offer a range of products suitable to meet the specification at a very competitive price. 

During the contract, to meet building regulations there were some late amendments to which GEZE reacted quickly and professionally to enable hand-over to be met.

Overall we were very pleased with the service and quality we received.”

GEZE UK installed four single and two pairs of the premium, electro-mechanical EMD-F drives for hinged doors within the busy reception area, providing virtually silent automated access. Part of the Slimdrive range, the compact EMD-F operator is just 7cm high, combining aesthetics with flexibility, reliability, functionality and safety.

GEZE’s elegant TS 3000 B, the slimmest surface mounted guide rail closer on the market, was specified for doors throughout the leisure centre, combining aesthetics and functionality as well as assisting with the vigorous demands of the DDA. Bridging the gap between the stringent fire door regulations and Approved Document M of the Building Regulations, the slim cam closer provides sufficient closing force to close the door, yet is still suitable for access points that require ease of opening.

Where an electro-hydraulic hold-open was required in communal areas, GEZE’s TS 4000 E was chosen. This universal surface mounted rack and pinion door closer for single action right and left hand closing doors has a powered closing force size 1-6, in accordance with EN 1155. In addition, GEZE’s surface mounted rack and pinion door closer, the TS 2000 NV, with fully adjustable closing speed and hydraulic latching action was selected for the entrance to the dance studios.

Sales Director Andy Howland said: “This was a large project, requiring a range of different solutions to ensure all members of the public had safe access to all areas. We were able to provide a good choice of efficient and stylish closers, which enhanced the overall architectural design, as well as more functional products for behind the scenes. Working with Select AI and Kier Moss, we were able to meet changing needs to ensure expectations were met.”

Housing two swimming pools, a 150 station gym, exercise studios and sports courts, as well as a sauna, steam room, spa, crèche and café, the Spiceball Leisure Centre is a purpose-built facility, designed by architects Burke Rickards and constructed by Kier Moss.