GEZE - Schiebetüranlagen bei AIDAdiva
VTM 300

GEZE on board of the AIDAdiva

A spectacular light show in the harbour of Hamburg was the framework for the christening ceremony of a unique luxury cruise ship, the “AIDAdiva“. She is the first in a series of club vessels commissioned by AIDA Cruises. Its passengers benefit from a combination of state-of-the-art technology and a comfortable interior. Most of the cabins are outward-facing, many even have their own balcony. The decor features the latest in stage and entertainment technology, which is characteristic for the flair of the club ship. The maiden voyage of the “AIDAdiva“ took place on 30 April 2007 from Hamburg to Palma de Mallorca.

GEZE GmbH provided various products from its vast product range of door, window and safety technology for this giant of the high seas. Automatic sliding door drives, such as the GEZE VTM 300 or GEZE Slimdrive VTM system, were specifically designed with areas of high traffic in mind to facilitate the passage through doors, where manual operation would be difficult or impossible. A range of round and telescopic sliding door systems complement the architectural design on board perfectly. However, not all GEZE products are visible at first sight, for example the integrated door closer GEZE Boxer, which is completely fitted into the door leaf, so that the guide rail is only visible when the door is open. Other products used on board are the TS 2000, TS 4000, TS 5000 or TS 4000 tandem door closers. Innovative GEZE technology meets the passengers everywhere – when opening doors and windows in their cabin, in restaurants and bars or during their daily strolls on the many decks.  

The range of entertainment on the AIDAdiva is as varied and generous as everything on board. The ship’s 13 decks offer its guests a wide range of possibilities with seven restaurants, 11 bars, a fitness and wellness centre and a casino. Naturally, these areas also incorporate technical GEZE solutions.  

In the pool bar area also GEZE products were used. A  manual sliding wall system (MSW) made from glass encompasses the DJ desk on the upper deck like a big globe. Thus, the entire area can be easily separated off or opened up effortlessly by hand. The pool bar is proof of the GEZE engineers’ technical skills and know-how: sliding elements reminiscent of surf boards surround the entire area like an opalescent curtain. These can be moved on an MSW track. This project required special expertise in terms of guide tracks and corrosion protection.  

The AIDAdiva adds another luxury giant to the world-famous fleet of AIDA Cruises. Like its predecessors (AIDAcara, AIDAvita, AIDAaura), the AIDAdiva was built by the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg. The Meyer shipyard, founded in 1795 and now in its sixth generation, stands for highest quality products, namely luxury cruise liners. Sharing the same total quality ethos, GEZE products are its perfect partner.