GEZE - Econodrive EL and TSA 160, Airport, Barcelona
Econodrive EL und TSA 160
GEZE - TSA 160 automatic swing door drive, Airport, Barcelona
TSA 160
GEZE - Econodrive EL, Airport, Barcelona
Econodrive EL
GEZE - automatic swing door drive TSA 160, Airport, Barcelona
TSA 160

Adapted to modern air traffic

Architecture office: Ricardo Bofill, Spain

Now that Barcelona airport, one of the largest in Spain, has been altered and extensively modernised it is able to cope with the requirements of today's passenger traffic. Extensive improvements have mainly been carried out on both the infrastructure and the services. Among other things, the new terminal helps to expand the airfield and complete the railway connection in order to improve passenger processing.  

The pioneering technology of GEZE made a crucial contribution to the airport redevelopment and expansion.  It is now much easier to walk through the doors fitted with the Econodrive automatic sliding door drive and the TSA 160 swing door drive. The drives fit in perfectly with the glazed stile of the doors.