GEZE - manual sliding wall system MSW, Airport Center MAC, Munich
GEZE - MSV bei Airport Center MAC, Munich

Central eye-catcher at Munich airport

Architecture office: Helmut Jahn Architectes, Berlin

The Munich Airport Center is an architectural highlight in the area of airports. The six floor service and shopping centre is an eye catcher with its spectacular roof construction. The L-shaped building (120m x 76 Meter) covers 10.000 m2 which can be used for events of different kinds. Above the market place stretches a curved glass roof at a high of 41 m. The service and communication centre is located in the middle of the expanding airport of Munich. Four floors are used for 21.000 m2 offices and conference rooms. Moreover numerous shops and restaurants invite for a stroll.

GEZE fitted the shopping area with the manual sliding wall system MSW, that is perfectly suited for forming shop windows and shop entrances with its movable glass elements.

The Architect
Responsible for the striking architecture is the star architect Helmut Jahn. He is considered one of the trend-setting architects of our time. Helmut Jahn (57), born in Nuremberg, reached the top of the ladder in his field long ago. While living in Chicago, and at the age of just 37, he joined the illustrious group of those immortalised in "Who is who in America". The list of the buildings around the world that have been conceived by Helmut Jahn is long. Jahn also possesses numerous references in the area of airports. Above all, the United Airlines terminal at Chicago's O'Hara airport has attracted the attention of scores of architects from all over the world.