GEZE - telescopic sliding door drive Slimdrive SLT, Airport, Cologne-Bonn
Slimdrive SLT
GEZE - integrated all-glass system, Airport, Cologne-Bonn
TSA 160

The fascination of building with glass

Architecture office: Helmut Jahn Architects, Berlin

At the new Cologne/Bonn airport, the architects Murphy & Jahn of Chicago have consistently implemented the idea of a completely transparent cube as an “invitation to fly”. In the 300 m long airport building, slim, tree-like columns support the filigree glass roof with its open wings. High ranging, steel supports with bottom spans are located with their point fixing behind the glass facades and slim pillars and fit into the scheme of the light-flooded airport. Whether in the case of stairs of matt glass, the glass stairway landing or the translucent floor of glass panels, the internationally renowned architects display the multifunctional and fascinating technique of building with glass.  

For the precisely defined demands of the design, above all a continuous aesthetic throughout was required from the architects - in spite of the manifold installations of the airport. This is why they chose, among others, the GEZE telescopic sliding door drive Slimdrive SLT with the integrated all-glass system IGG. Not only at departure and arrival levels but also at the travel centre in the suspended intermediate level, in spite of the various utilisation requirements, there had to be no interruption which could spoil the scheme of transparency.