GEZE - IGG with TS 550, Airport, Nuremberg
IGG with TS 550
GEZE - Integrated All-glass systems, Airport, Nuremberg
GEZE - floor springs TS 550, Airport, Nuremberg

Transparency in the terminal - the Integrated All-glass system IGG

Architecture office: E. Grabow + H. Hofmann, Nuremberg

The Nuremberg Airport is one of the Top-10 airports in Germany. Due to his rapid growth some modernisation and extension works became necessary. This is why the new terminal was planned - the Transfer Control Terminal (TCT).  

Different Integrated All-glass systems (IGG) by GEZE contribute to this extraordinary noble and modern design of the terminal. Some all-over coated single-action doors with IGG and GEZE floor springs TS 550 open the entrance to the bath room area. In the bath rooms coated and non-coated doube-action doors with GEZE floor springs are situated. A particularity is the IGG door with Mirastar coating - one can only look from the interior to the exterior whereas the outside is mirrored-glass.