Slimdrive SL in Antwerpen Central Train Station

GEZE drives in new Antwerp Central Station

Thanks to the renovation and expansion of Antwerp Central Station this splendid monumental historic building has become a contemporary mobility centre and meets the quality requirements of the 21st century. With a traveller capacity which has more than doubled, so that up to 100,000 visitors can be received per day, the station has become the beating heart of the city. GEZE Benelux based in Eindhoven played an important role in the large-scale renovation of Antwerp Central Station. Modern high technology has been implemented in a contemporary way in splendid 19th century architecture. GEZE Benelux provided high-tech innovations for this project.  

The Slimdrive made a significant contribution to the automatic opening and closing of the doors in the building. The main entrance of the Central Station has been fitted with the Slimdrive SL system in order to realise large door openings without a negative impact on the design. With the Slimdrive, GEZE offers a drive with a height of merely seven centimetres and for both circular and semi-circular sliding doors, revolving and folding doors, telescopic and corner sliding doors. The drive can be installed on profiles from five centimetres without needing to widen the profile. This not only retains the aesthetic character, but also gives the project a uniform quality. In the Central Station, the architect chose for fine lines. Thanks to the GEZE drive, he could preserve all profile dimensions without having to make adjustments. The drive disappears in the facade, which creates transparency and austerity.”

GEZE Benelux ordered the development of a LON module that fits into the limited space of the system especially for Antwerp Central Station,. “This module is completely compatible with the computer system of Belgian Railways. On this basis, all doors fitted with a drive can be controlled from a central computer in the station. In this way, the doors can always be opened and closed, but also immediate intervention can take place in the event of malfunctions.” GEZE has also installed a powerful direct current motor that drives a virtually silent gear mechanism. The transmission takes place via toothed belts and the guide rollers rotate in precision bearings. Via 2 x 4 rollers, the weight of the door is distributed over the profile of the channel rail.