GEZE TSA 160 NT Z-Invers
Slimdrive SL-inclined in BBI Flughafen Tower

Safety and comfort with state-of-the-art door Technology in the new interim Terminal D

Escape route out onto the apron

At Berlin-Schönefeld Airport, which from 2011 will be known as Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BBI) is going to be the sole Berlin city airport, back in 2005 space for further growth was created with the new Terminal D to enable Schönefeld Airport to process the ever-growing passenger numbers passing before the opening of the capital's new airport. Thanks to 18 additional check-in desks, the booming airport south-east of Berlin can now handle seven million passengers annually.

The gates from the terminal give direct access to the apron and the passengers transfer on foot between the terminal and the aircraft. The door mechanisms must be capable of standing up to these logistics and the growing number of passengers: robust and convenient technology which fulfils defined safety criteria is an important condition for the heavily-used gate doors. For one thing, they have to secure the apron against unauthorised access and for another they have to provide a means of escape in emergency by clearing the route to the apron. Unauthorised opening of the doors has to be signalled; the boarding personnel must have authorisation to lock the doors in the "open" position, and to close them. At the same time, in their function as smoke and heat extraction vents in case of fire, they must always be able to be opened automatically by the fire alarm system and stay open – even in the case of power failure.

The nine gate doors to the tarmac have therefore been equipped with a GEZE system solution. This consists of the automatic GEZE TSA 160 NT Z-Invers swing-door operator for use on fire- and emergency escape route doors and for doors which function as air supply to smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA), the escape-route terminal GEZE TZ 220 with emergency button, a flashing light with control elements, such as the GEZE SCT 221 key-switch for mounting externally, and a GEZE programme switch with key. Panic door fittings and the fire alarm system were supplied by the customer. The boarding personnel can operate the programme switch for the function "door keep open or closed / secured" with a key. From outside, authorised personnel can actuate a one-time automatic opening and closing of the doors after a set pause and thus pass through the doors. After the set pause, the door closes and remains secured. The doors are locked with electric escape route door openers. In an emergency, the emergency button of the escape route terminal can be pressed, which suspends the locking, activates the flashing light and sends a message to the break-in alarm system. The doors are then electrically unlocked automatically by the TSA drive. Doors can be opened manually using the panic bars.

In case of fire, the alarm command from the fire alarm system triggers the release of the escape route terminal. The doors open automatically just as with release of the escape route. Automatic opening of the doors is also assured by TSA 160 NT Z-Invers even if there should be a power failure. The particular advantage of the Invers function is that in the event of a power failure or an electrical malfunction, the door drive unit, in contrast to the usual function of automatic door operating systems, will still open the door. Spring power of the drive is used to open the door, and the door is mechanically stopped and held in the prescribed open position.