GEZE Indoor climate control

Controlled natural ventilation

GEZE solutions for ventilation and indoor climate control complete the comprehensive range of drive systems for daily ventilation, as well as the GEZE RWA systems and can be optimally combined with these. Via a KNX interface of the indoor climate control, this can be adopted into an overall KNX system, and existing KNX devices can be used for the activation of the room climate control system. Thus, the GEZE solutions offer the building operator a variety of automation, comfort and safety functions.

The application portfolio for natural ventilation includes:

  • a simple window open/close control system for 24V and 230V drives which can be cascaded through extension inputs to group and central control systems
  • a wireless ventilation control system which opens and closes windows automatically, depending on the current room ambient temperature and external temperature
  • an integrated ventilation control, which incorporates the humidity and the air quality (CO2), as well as the temperature, into the window control system
  • a comprehensive indoor climate/building control, which, in addition to controlling the windows, can activate blinds, awnings and shutters, as well as the heating, air conditioning, light and alarm systems
  • an activation of sun protection systems for driving up safely in an emergency.


GEZE manual/semi-automatic ventilation
Rooms in any parts of buildings that are used by people need to be supplied with fresh air. Using motor-driven windows GEZE manual/semi-automatic ventilation makes a valuable contribution to a pleasant and balanced indoor climate.


GEZE Fully automatic ventilation (SHEV)
Having fresh air in rooms is very important for health and well-being. The intelligent control systems of GEZE fully automatic ventilation (SHEV) facilitate natural ventilation, even when you're not at home. The MBZ 300 fully automatic control makes controlling windows and blinds easy.


In this environment, customer-specific applications consisting of combined RWA and ventilation systems are also of interest. With Customer Solutions from GEZE, customers benefit from sophisticated, customised solutions, which offer the best-possible functionality, safety and comfort, in accordance with their requirements. And all this from a single source. A contact person is available for all questions, from the initial idea right up to the commissioning.