Operator in hiding

An automatic swing door operator that is completely hidden from view has been introduced by GEZE UK. The UFO NT is the new underfloor automatic swing door drive. It boasts a much wider range of capabilities and features than its predecessor including manual use via the Smart swing function.

The operator maybe hidden but its many advantages are clear to see

UFO NT installed to shop entrance

Providing maximum transparency and meeting aesthetic and access demands the UFO NT is hidden in the floor and so overcomes the problem of a limited area at the top of the door frame, perfect for use with glass facades or listed or historical buildings with structural limitations, or where automatic doors are required but with an operator that is not visible.

The UFO NT can be used on any type of door – glass, wood or metal and is especially suitable for use where vandalism could be a problem as the operator is fully concealed. It is also suitable for  retrofitting. It provides compliance with the demands of the Equality Act and the building standard BS EN 8300.

Built-in versatility

GEZE Powerturn UFO NT automatic door operator

GEZE installed the UFO automatic door operator at the entrance of the Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Oxford.

Developed from the robust and efficient GEZE Powerturn operator the UFO NT has a higher IP rating (IP 67) making it suitable for external doors, and a higher closing force than its predecessor size EN1 - EN4. In addition, it can operate leaf widths up to 1250mm on external doors and 1600mm on internal doors, and leaf weights up to 125kg, surpassing the older unit in all areas of performance.

The Smart swing function enables large doors to be operated manually with ease, though if the door is manually opened at high speed the operator will apply motor resistance to slow it down. Using a redundant spring system, the Smart swing function allows the operator to be fully motor-controlled until power failure or fire alarm activation. The versatile UFO NT underfloor operator is suitable for use with GEZE Cockpit and building management systems.

The aesthetically pleasing UFO NT is perfect for use in all types of buildings. Its versatility as an automatic swing door provides safe, efficient and convenient means of opening and closing a door yet the Smart swing allows it to be used manually with ease, its location in the floor makes for an attractive, unhindered door set.

Andy Howland, sales and marketing director of GEZE UK