Manual fanlight openers

OL Line - Chain opener 250 * Manual chain opener with an opening width of 250 mm

Chain Opener 250 / 380
  • The manual operator Midi 250 can be used for variable ventilation settings
  • Offers simple and reliable opening, even for windows that are hard to reach
  • Simple installation and operation
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Application Areas

  • Convenient daily ventilation for rooms and staircases
  • Inward and outward opening bottom-hung and top-hung windows
  • Coupling and operation of several windows possible
  • Installation on wooden, PVC or aluminium windows using the corresponding mounting plate
  • Leaf and frame installation

Technical data

OL Line - Chain opener 250
Opening width (max.) 380 mm
Leaf width (min.) 100 mm
Leaf height (min.) 500 mm
Length 230 mm
Width 68 mm


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