Environmentally friendly entrance

GEZE’s automatic doors provided the perfect solution for a new building where environmentally friendly criteria was at the heart of its design.

The CABI hSShortlisted for the ArchDaily Building of the Year 2021 Awards

This environmentally building even includes a living roof to attract birds and insects. © Hundven-Clements Photography / GEZE GmbH

When CABI needed a new home to replace the old school building they had been in for 33 years and now required a high level of maintenance they turned to international design practice Scott Brownrigg. The challenge was to design an energy efficient, purpose-built headquarters for the not-for-profit organisation that was in keeping with their values of protecting the environment and enhancing bio-diversity, provided a workplace for up to 180 members of staff and was an impressive local landmark. 

The CABI headquarters were shortlisted for the ArchDaily Building of the Year 2021 Awards.

Creating an environmentally friendly building was essential to CABI and we were delighted to work closely with Scott Brownrigg to play a part in achieving this. The Slimdrive SCR is perfect for providing an entrance that limits temperature variation:

Richard Richardson-Derry, national specification manager GEZE UK

The new entrance had to meet this exacting vision

New entrance with the Slimdrive SCR

The automatic curved sliding entrance welcomes staff and visitors. © Hundven-Clements Photography / GEZE GmbH

A GEZE Slimdrive SCR automatic curved sliding door was chosen to provide a light and airy all-glass lobby entrance which blends seamlessly into the facade. The circular entrance features two sets of automatic bi-parting curved glass sliding doors, creating a lobby that minimises heat loss or gain and so helps to contribute to the building’s environmental credentials. In addition the Slimdrive SCR combines high performance with unobtrusive operation – the drives are just 7cm in height and very discreet.  Situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and in keeping with CABI’s values the building is topped with a living roof designed to attract insects and birds and enhance bio-diversity.

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We are extremely proud of the CABI Headquarters, it is an eye catching building yet stays true to the core values of the organisation. GEZE’s solution of a lobby entrance fitted perfectly with what we wanted to achieve.

Ed Hayden, Scott Brownrigg