Good planning is half the battle – GEZE can assist you

Construction projects are becoming increasingly complex due to the introduction of new guidelines and innovative technologies. Our expertise can assist you with your projects. We offer you personal and individualised consultation in all project phases. We provide you with the necessary product information and effective tools.

BIM objects

Integrated planning of buildings with GEZE BIM objects

Tender, planning
  • Download BIM objects free of charge
  • Available for ArchiCAD, Autodesk Revit, Nemetschek Allplan
  • Plug-in for interfacing with the door configuration tool

When using ArchiCAD, Revit or Allplan, you can load and configure the BIM object from GEZE in your CAD software. BIM offers additional benefits in addition to building visualisations, which are of particular interest in the planning and construction phase. The GEZE BIM objects contain information that can be evaluated to provide you with easy-to-plan maintenance processes with transparent costs.

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Specification for tenders

The right documents for your tender

Two architects discuss the plans for a building in a modern, light-filled office

GEZE can assist you with creating project and product-specific specifications for tenders, drawings and cable plans.

You can also rely on our GEZE Specification Managers. They provide you with free support for developing all the required technical solutions, interdisciplinary planning and the creation of doors lists.

GEZE receives honours from architects

Architects are regularly surveyed to find out which building product manufacturers they prefer to work with as well as who delivers the best products and solutions.

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Architects love GEZE

Double award: At the 2017 Architects’ Darling Award, GEZE took gold in the ‘Automatic Doors' category. The company also won the bronze award in the 'Safety & Access Control category'. 

The Golden Phoenix honours the most sought-after solutions in the building industry. Around 2,000 architects and planners took part in the large-scale survey to evaluate who offered the best products and solutions.

Individualised and industry-specific consultation

Whatever your project looks like, you can rest assured that GEZE will support you as a competent solution provider and reliable partner. We are familiar with the ins and outs of every industry, both domestically and abroad, allowing us to give you optimum planning support. You will receive comprehensive project consultation for all specifications, solutions and support services.

The service experts at GEZE have many years of experience and know all of the needs for building systems. They constantly receive further professional training covering the changing regulations and guidelines. We can even meet very individualised requirements together with you.

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CPD programme

Continuing professional development architectural training programme

GEZE UK are members of the Royal Institute of British Architects' CPD Providers Network.

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is the activity which maintains, enhances or increases the knowledge and skills of the RIBA member to the benefit of his or her capabilities as an architect. It is the personal responsibility of the architect to meet the annual CPD target of 35 hours.

GEZE UK's presentations have been produced using the latest Microsoft Powerpoint animation techniques and are suitable for small or large groups. We have not included (nor are allowed to include) any specific product information in the presentation, but have full product information available if required.

In addition to the traditional lunchtime CPD, we offer a breakfast CPD, any time between 7am - 10am, or a tea-time session, between 4pm - 7pm, can be arranged. In fact, we can be really flexible if you want a CPD seminar at another time just let us know.

Powerturn door computer

Easily and quickly determine which application areas the Powerturn is best suited for: the online door calculator only needs a few inputs to be able to deliver clear specification about possible door leaf widths and weights.

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Configuring automatic door systems, including cable plans

The GEZE client portal offers you the option of the straightforward planning and configuration of automatic door systems. After completing the configuration, you will automatically receive a cable plan. This does more than just simplify the installation: since the plans are assigned to a specific order, they also help to compile accurate documentation. To start with the planning process now, simply log on to our client portal:

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Revolving and curved sliding doors tool 

The GEZE client portal offers you the option of the straightforward planning and configuration of revolving and curved sliding doors. To start with the planning process now, simply log on to our client portal:

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MSW configuration tool

Comprehensive projects can be created for manual sliding wall systems (MSW systems) based on just a few details. Automatically generated layout and detail drawings simplify and expedite the installation of the system. The configured MSW systems can then conveniently be ordered directly through our client portal. 

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Pendulo configuration tool

Design a complete solution from a single source, quickly, easily and individually with the Pendulo configuration tool. You can also conveniently place the order directly online. The system will be installed quickly, without any labour-intensive interventions in the floor, the walls or the ceiling.

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Wincalc, Fensterberechnung, Tool, Fenster

Window computing program


Time-saving, easy-to-use and convenient, GEZE WinCalc takes care of complex calculations associated with designing a window system. This program allows you to calculate manual as well as motorised ventilation windows, smoke and heat extraction windows and SHEV and also to design the appropriate smoke and heat extraction emergency power control unit.

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GEZEthermic calculates the heat transfer coefficients, so-called U-values, for GEZE sliding doors with reference to EN ISO 1077-1:2006-09. You can apply the U-values determined through this feature in your energy balance calculation.

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LogiKal data package

When planning, calculating, constructing and ordering façades, you can make use of GEZE product data from Orgadata, BMEcat and Datanorm. At the click of a mouse, the technical details of GEZE products can be included as package solutions in calculations and planning and also integrated in further manufacturing processes.<br/> Special demands can also be met easily. Even complex systems can be planned and produced simply without posing any technical difficulties.

Request your GEZE data package from Orgadata or get in contact with us:

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Cable planning

Cable planning © GEZE GmbH

Cable planning

When transferring the configuration results from the WinCalc control centre configuration to the GEZE client portal, users will now also automatically receive a cable plan in accordance with the customised property-specific details. This does more than just simplify the planning process. Since the plans are assigned to a specific order, they also help to compile accurate documentation.

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Simplify the setup of automatic door systems. By downloading our software, you can create a wireless connection between a PC and the automatic door systems provided by GEZE. All settings for the door system are made and saved using our intuitive interface. Additionally, the diagnostic functions show you the most important functional parameters of the door system in real-time.

Download GEZEconnects (107 MB)

Planning tools

Useful planning tools for your project

Along with personal consultations, our GEZE planning tools can also support you directly at the workplace. GEZE planning tools help you design your projects more efficiently. For example, doors and windows can be planned online. Thanks to our app, you can have the variety of GEZE products with you, even when you are on the go.

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Our GEZE portal offers you a wide range of tools that make it easy to choose from our range of products – such as the configuration tool for planning doors and windows. We also offer you the option of ordering our products directly online. Log in to our GEZE client portal to take advantage of all of our services.

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Information to download

Expert specification

Assistance with expert specification

Planning assistance for door systems

Depending on the installation context, doors have to satisfy multiple guidelines for fire safety, burglary, thermal insulation, sound proofing and accessibility. The resulting requirements often prove to be highly complex. In larger construction projects, doors are recorded in doors lists that contain specifications for each door.

The participation of diverse building trades in the planning and construction process or the lack of an overall review of the door technology can hamper the implementation of highly complex door systems. GEZE provides consultation with door specification and assists you with selecting components.

Guidelines and requirements for accessibility planning

Self-determination is particularly important for people with disabilities and for the elderly. They want to experience their surroundings independently and without restrictions. Fortunately, society has started to pay much more attention to the topic of ‘accessibility’. While originally associated with bodily limitations, old age and illness, the focus these day is much more on the true benefits of accessibility, namely independence, comfort and safety. Barrier-free building has already been incorporated in numerous standards and regulations.

As with overall construction legislation in Germany, the legal basis for barrier-free building is essentially left to the individual federal states. This makes planning highly complex. GEZE is familiar with the associated norms and guidelines and is happy to assist you in the planning phase.

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GEZE product videos on YouTube

Go to our GEZE YouTube channel to find extensive information about the GEZE product world in a convenient video format. Alongside the presentation of GEZE solutions in the product videos, we have also uploaded installation and assembly videos. Use these to help you get the most out of working with GEZE products.

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GEZE is a network partner

GEZE UK is a member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network that offers architects and other construction professionals RIBA-assessed, high-quality CPD material.

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is the activity which maintains, enhances or increases the knowledge and skills of the RIBA member to the benefit of his or her capabilities as an architect. It is the personal responsibility of the architect to meet the annual CPD target of 35 hours.