No touch - better hygiene

We’ve all been told to wash our hands often and for at least 20 seconds, but what if the person using the washroom before us didn’t do that? Not a pleasant thought. 

Hands-free WC Door Kit with the Slimdrive EMD-F

Hands-free WC Door Kit with the Slimdrive EMD-F

At GEZE UK we decided there must be a better way and have introduced the complete “Hands-free WC Door Kit” containing all the relevant parts to automate the washroom door safely and hygienically. Featuring the quiet, discreet and reliable Slimdrive EMD-F operator, approved safety sensors and finger guards, the kit comes complete with touchless activation – perfect for maintaining hygiene standards.

The kit is ideal for public toilets in the hospitality sector, for hospitals and healthcare environments, schools and universities, offices and transport hubs where it can be fitted to the outer communal door ensuring that that those leaving the washroom do not have to touch the door after washing their hands.

As COVID-19 remains a threat to everyone, we must all play a part in minimising transmission of the virus, this kit is just one of several ways GEZE are helping businesses to follow government advice.

Andy Howland, Sales and Marketing Director of GEZE UK