Specifying fire safety

GEZE UK has completely revised and updated its popular RIBA-approved CPD - Designing Effective Natural Heat and Smoke Ventilation. 

Offering architects and specifiers invaluable advice and guidance, which contributes to their continuing professional development, the updated training seminar gives architects the confidence and knowledge to specify natural heat and smoke ventilation systems in residential and commercial properties.

Includes all relevant standards and regulations

seminars can be presented digitally

GEZE offers training for specifying fire safety

The seminar covers all the relevant standards and regulations including Approved Document B, BS 9999:2017, BS 9991:2015, BS 7346-8:2013 and BS EN 12101 as well as Scottish Technical Handbook 2019, Northern Ireland Technical Booklet E and the Construction Product Regulation.

By outlining the factors affecting the choice of ventilation systems and explaining how ventilation systems for natural heat and smoke extraction work, the seminar will show how to make the correct calculations and select the best equipment and system for both the location and application.

Seminars can be presented digitally or in-person

Traditionally CPD presentations take place at architects’ practices but in the current situation seminars can be presented digitally using a variety of platforms and at a time to suit, usually lunchtime but breakfast seminars or afternoon sessions can be accommodated.

To find out more or to book a CPD seminar, please email us.

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National Specification Manager Richard Richardson-Derry said: “When a building experiences a fire, toxic fumes are the single most lethal element of it. It takes just two or three breaths of toxic smoke to render a person unconsciousness and if the smoke and heat are not dissipated, the smoke temperature increases dramatically and visibility is significantly reduced. Sadly, more people die from smoke inhalation than the fire itself.

This seminar is designed to show architects how effective natural smoke ventilation and great design can go hand in hand to improve life safety. Different window configurations can affect how much smoke is removed, so we’re hoping to provide an insight into how the ideal design can be calculated and which factors need to be considered when specifying. Proper ventilation really can make a difference.”

This seminar is designed to show architects how effective natural smoke ventilation and great design can go hand in hand to improve life safety.

National Specification Manager Richard Richardson-Derry

RIBA Chartered Architects are obliged to undertake a minimum of 35 hours a week to maintain their competence.

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The revised CPD fits into the core curriculum subjects of: Design, Construction and Technology and Health, Safety and Wellbeing for the General Awareness knowledge level.

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