Smoke extraction solution

Fire safety remains a top priority for all involved in the construction industry, with many manufacturers offering many solutions. GEZE offers one more, which they believe is a unique solution for smoke extraction systems in the market place.

Fresh air flow for smoke extraction

The RWA K 600 retractable arm drive can be fitted to emergency exits on escape routes and in the event of a fire it can be used as a fresh air supply which when the fire alarm is sounded the door opens automatically allowing a large amount of air to flow into the building and forcing smoke out. 

The powerful drive with­­ high torque opens a door to 90° in less than 60 seconds. Yet the door remains freely accessible due to the freely positioned activation of the lever by means of a pressure roller. 

The RWA K 600 is perfect for use in supply air systems where large opening angles are required, it is suitable for single and double leaf smoke and heat extraction fresh air doors and can be installed on both the hinge or opposite hinge side.

More about the RWA K 600

The RWA K 600 is a unique solution in the extraction of smoke from a building in the case of fire. It’s suitability for use in a variety of situations makes it perfect for use on escape routes.

Andy Iredale, National Sales Manager for Automatic Doors and Window Control